GOAL 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

By Jorge Ignacio Vargas-Ramos

Jorge Ignacio Vargas Ramos or "Nacho" is a contemporary artist based in Mechelen.

He has been passionate about art ever since he received an Art History encyclopedia from his mother as a birthday present at the age of eleven. It was the beginning of a vehement admiration for the great classical masters, such as Van Eyck, Caravaggio and Velasquez.

A design and art student in his native country, he moves to Belgium at the age of 20. During different trips through Europe he could finally contemplate the works of the idols of his childhood and adolescence, and his admiration for them grew even more.

After a brief passage through the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels (Sint-Lukas Brussel), he enrolls at the Mechelen Academy of Art in 2007, where he soon stands out for his perception of reality and his technique.

His style can be defined as Post-Realism, mixing different techniques and materials such as acrylics and oil paint. The latter will become his favorite, due to the versatility and the brilliance of its colours. 

Nacho has exhibited his work on different occasions. His latest collection "People of Late Capitalism" is a series of paintings in which, as a protest, he holds up a mirror to present-day society, in which the current baseness and absurdism are amplified and held in disdain in a raw and uncompromising way.