GOAL 10: Reduced inequalities

By Frederick Van Grootel

An excerpt of Dualidade

Only a few places in the world display their inequality as well as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The city has the seventh highest income inequality in the world, with Brazil overall finishing as the eighth most unequal country. Even though the country had made efforts to close the gap, the current situation made the Brazilian economy crash, resulting in the poorest taking the hardest hit once again.

SDG 10: Reduce inequality

Hi, I’m Frederick Van Grootel and I have spend the last five years trying to understand and document the Dualities within Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

I got introduced to the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN in 2018, prior to volunteering in Rio de Janeiro. It was during this exact trip that I began to see the common thread in the body of work that I had created in the city: it’s dualities.


Dualidade & SDG 10

Dualidade, the Portuguese word for duality, is the collection of images that I gathered in Brazil from 2015 - 2019. With the help of Kunstgezind I eventually turned the collection into a limited edition photo book that now is for sale at The Canvas Antwerp.


Due to the many touch points between all parties, we decided to collaborate on a project surrounding the SDGs. Since inequality was such a big part of my Dualidade project, it became the logical Goal to create a new expo around.


More about Frederick Van Grootel

Frederick Van Grootel (27) is a Belgian photographer that is best known for his vibrant work from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Van Grootel invested the earnings from his freelance work into his annual 30 day photography trips to Brazil. Once there, his curiosity led him to all sides of Brazilian society, resulting in photographs that document the juxtaposing socio-economic extremities.


Each year, the Belgian gained a better understanding of the Brazilian culture to be able to go more in depth and capture a complete story. Eventually, in 2019 he launched his photo book ‘Dualidade’, and ended up winning the public prize at that years Brussels Street Photography Festival, with his photo of a homeless man on the  boulevard of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.


Van Grootel has exposed his work from Brazil in his city Antwerp, the capital Brussels and New York.