GOAL 9: Industry innovation and infrastructure


As an artist, JW is a thematically self-described retro-futurist. The charm of the lo-fi retro-future is both a familiar cliché that one may relish and a critique, in that a longing for the past should be ascribed to a resentment of its future, the actual present. This nostalgic idea for a future that never was in itself is a metaphor for the bipolar nature of the universe. This concept derives from the Hegelian idea of synthesis. Many truths are able to coexist, paradoxically, but not mutually exclusive. To the artist, the ultimate symptom of the universe seems to be that of a dichotomous dance, harmonic cycles between two extremes; darkness and light, future and past, negative and positive atomic charge. 


If one believes in the theory of darwinism and by extension the rules of cause and effect, one may possibly even conclude that free will does not exist. No one is in control of the future. This idea again may invoke two oppostite affections, one, for the artist, is the melancholy of the inescapable human condition, to be saddened by the fact that life is not a thrilling fiction tale, and the other is the romanticism of the fatalist; because this theory implies that everything is as it should be. Even Capitalist Realism, the postmodern superorganism we call civilisation, seemingly predicted by the high tech - low life idea of cyberpunk, which in its turn again is haunted by its opposite in ever relevant ideas of progressive evolution. 


Neither truth is essentially worth more than the other, but in his work, the artist wants to take a step back and observe the future and how it unrolls from the past, the wondrous forces of the natural universe, to which not only belong the animal kingdom, life on earth or outer space but humanity’s relation to technology as well. In this sense, the artist develops futurescapes speaking of a probable artificially intelligent supernetwork and cyborg post-singularity, overtly romantic visions from the past, observations of natural forces and humanity in its postmodern habitat. 


In the Anthropocene, we must look at and dream big about our future and its sustainability because a more intelligent way of coexisting with the universe is a matter of survival and evolution of our species.

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