GOAL 5: Gender equality

By Laura Maxime Nies

The subject of gender equality plays an important part in my work. I’ve experienced the effects of gender inequality both in my own life and in the lives of the women I know. Prejudice based on gender is still a reality today and plays a huge role in women’s careers, safety, and daily lives. We should all deserve a fair chance at making the most out of our potential and not be defined or limited by a social construct. Whether you are male, female or non-binary, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) or white, disabled or able-bodied, a- or neurotypical, queer or straight. What we look like, what we think like, and who we like should never have an impact on our safety and what we can and cannot do. 


In my work, I draw the essence of what a human being is and disconnect the figures from stereotypes surrounding gender, race, and background. As a result, my drawings celebrate the primal aspect of humanity, an individual in its purest form. In this manner, I intend to highlight the spirituality and consciousness which I believe is in all of us. The experience of being human is what we all have in common and what I believe should be the base of how we treat each other. With tolerance, love, and respect.