GOAL 5: Gender equality

Laura Maxime Nies

Like many others, I care a lot about the goal of gender equality. I’ve experienced the effects of gender inequality in my own life and seen it in the lives of women I know. It’s a sad fact that prejudice based on gender plays a huge role in women’s careers, safety, and daily lives. Although I believe it’s not just about equality between genders. Everyone deserves a fair chance at making the most out of their potential and not be defined or limited by a social construct of what you look like or should behave like. Whether it be male, female or non-binary, black or white, disabled or not, queer or straight. I believe that what we look like and who we like shouldn’t have an impact on what we can and cannot do in the lives we’ve been given. 


In my work, I don’t draw people with the thought of ‘this is a woman’ or ‘this is a man’. I draw the essence of what a human being is and disconnect the figures from gender, race, and background. As a result, my drawings celebrate the primal aspect of humanity, the homo sapiens in its purest form. In this manner, I intend to highlight the spirituality which I believe is in all of us. The experience of being human is what we all have in common and what should be the base of how we treat each other; with tolerance, love, and respect.