GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the goals

By Kunstgezind & The Canvas By Q

The Canvas x Kunstgezind collaboration combines shared values and mission through their respective mediums of focus. Merging these forms of expression, we hope to shine a light on the work of the artist, designers, and entrepreneurs making the SDG’s a part of their work. The project is a series of 17 exhibitions, showcasing a list of curated artists who will each highlight one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this series, you are able to see the artists’ perspective on that specific goal. The audience will be invited to participate in a series of programming and activations focused on the goals.


We are looking forward to your support and hope that we are able to raise awareness for a better world. Background story Querencia & Kunstgezind met in 2018 and hit it off right away. The international collaboration started with a project in early 2019. Kunstgezind flew 12 Belgian artists and their art over to New York, to host a massive exhibition in The Canvas by Querencia in Williamsburg. A productive and collaborative week together solidified the relationship. The next step is the opening of The Canvas by Querencia Antwerp, with the support and partnership of Kunstgezind as a cultural partner.