GOAL 13: Climate action

Ruth Devriendt 

Inland:Landscape, 170x125, mixed media

Of all things in life, our abuse of nature strikes me the most. The fundamental principle of life is formed by nature. All life, and thereforeour personal lives too. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore this undeniable fact frequently. This intense personal involvement related to climate action, made me develop the series ‘Inland: Landscape’a wall sculpture inspired by nature, but not without a critical twist.

The materials are recycled garbage and the flowers used, are made of kitschylifeless plastic. Plastic! The embarrassing heritage to the world: our sheltering home. In the end, we and our plastics won’t live happily ever after. 

I believe it’s a huge misunderstanding that we consider ourselves as Gods unscrupulously manipulatingand controlling nature. Corona shows us our modest inferior position brutally.

In my dream there are no concrete walls, they are only genuine landscapes. That motivated me to create them. They play with my outside/inside, horizontal/vertical spatial awareness. 

I envisage an utopian environment I never knew before, so I created those landscapes myself.