GOAL 12: Responsible consumption and production

By Vanessa Van Meerhaege

If human activities continue at the current rate, we need three planets to maintain our lifestyle by 2050, according to the UN. We are consuming more resources than the planet can generate, and increasing pollution and waste are making the problem worse. Commercial and residential energy consumption is the second fastest growing area of ​​global energy consumption after transportation. Agriculture and the textile industry are the biggest polluters of clean water in the world. And about a third of all food produced in the world is wasted annually, while millions of people go hungry, especially in third countries.


Since natural resources are not infinite, we all need to learn to do 'more and better with less' at all levels. Individually, we can apply small but profound changes in our daily lives to reduce our own waste and carbon footprint. However, we are committed to achieving SDG12 because individual efforts are not enough; Global and coordinated action is required to transition tangibly and sustainably to responsible consumption and production worldwide.


The world population has grown explosively in recent decades and we are all eating more and more meat and dairy. Two-thirds of all agricultural land in the world is used as pasture for grazing animals or the cultivation of animal feed. A lot of nature has already been killed for this. In South America, for example, millions of hectares of rainforest have been cut down for the cultivation of soy or for grazing cattle. We import this soy to feed our herds that got out of hand. We also import South American beef. So we literally eat the rainforest.


With this project I want to show beautiful pieces of nature, which we will lose if it goes on like this. These are existing places I've been or dream about going there. If they still exist, at least …