Frederick Van Grootel

Frederick is a mustached twenty-something that works fulltime as a freelance photographer. Photography was not always a career to Frederick, but it was more of a medium to recognize beauty and joy in life again. An 8 yearlong depression left him desensitized and depersonalized, after which he went searching for stimuli that were strong enough to be felt by him. Frederick combines a variety of genres within photography in order to create an overview of these stimuli.


Current collection: Dualidade


Dualidade, which is Portuguese for duality, visualizes an experience that Frederick had while he did volunteer work in Rio de Janeiro. On one morning, he was helping children in the favelas with education and by distributing food, while in the afternoon he was at a rooftop pool party with wealthy twenty-somethings from Rio. This became the pinnacle of the constant extremes that he experienced in Brazil and served as the inspiration to use his photography to share these experiences with others.